On  October 8, 2023, eight members of the JBVC Peace Mission Team
participated in a special service titled “Take Two in Life” held at the East Toronto Baptist Church.

In collaboration with one of our team members, The church pastor
thoughtfully prepared a seven-minute testimonial. His inspirational
presentation included subtitles for our diverse, multilingual audience.

To foster a sense of unity and community, we organized a joint praise
session with both the church’s praise team and our peace mission
team taking part. It was an incredibly beautiful collaboration between
our VIPs and the sighted church members. Deepening the experience
of acceptance and inclusiveness, Rev. Chung and our own Rev. Leung
shared their unique spiritual insights during the bible teaching session.
This was a very thoughtful and meaningful dialogue and, a truly
moving experience to witness.

At the conclusion of the service, Rev. Chung extended an invitation to
the audience and something incredible happened. Several participants
made life-altering decisions. Some chose to embrace faith in God.
Others resolved to mend their ways, seeking to align their lives more
closely with the teachings of the Bible.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed the
transforming power and divine guidance that led these participants to
embrace a “Take Two in Life” during this Thanksgiving service.